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Terms & Conditions

Agreement Acceptance 

AGREEMENT BETWEEN BUSINESS OWNER & Flaker Global Marketing Private Limited (Flaker)

1.There is no cost to join Flaker Business. An Flaker Business Owner (ABO in Short) is an independent business owner operating his/her own business and is not an employee/agent/ representative of Flaker or its affiliated companies.

2.An Flaker Business Owner is expected to be truthful and accurate in offering Flaker Business opportunities or selling Flaker Products. He should not make false claims about the quality, uses, opportunities, products, earnings & efforts required to build the business.

3.An Flaker Business Owner can own and operate one Business Owner ID only. The spouse of Business Owner will be considered as Co-applicant by default.

4.Flaker Business Owner will keep in confidence all trade secrets and agrees not to enter or participate in a competing business activity in any direct selling company.

5.An Flaker Business Owner in one line of sponsorship must buy all the products either directly from Flaker or from his/her sponsor. No Business Owner shall engage in Cross-Group Selling.

6.An Flaker Business Owner must not engage in any deceptive or unlawful trade practices as defined by any Central, State or Local law or regulation.

7.Business Owner can’t introduce/produce or sell any business support material without the consent or approval from Flaker .

8.One can do Flaker Business in the name of HUF, Partnership Firm, LLP, Company, Society and Trust. To get income from the business in case the entity dissolves, the proof of the ownership of the entity should be submitted with the Company. The income will be released after the consent of the company about the ownership. After the dissolution of the entity the claim can be accepted within 3 months and no claim will be entertained after 3 months.

9.This agreement is entered on a personal basis and may not be assigned or transferred by the Business Flaker Business Owner to a third party without Flaker written consent. Flaker is free to assign or transfer this agreement.

10. Flaker may reject any application for any reason, at its discretion, if the application contains incomplete, inaccurate, false or misleading information. Any alteration or modification will be subject to verification.

11. Flaker is not responsible for any payment made through individual but not reaching the company.

12. Flaker through its diverse range of products gives the Business Owners' an opportunity to start business. On becoming the Flaker Business Owner (ABO) the products are available at Discounted Rates which can be sold on MRP (but not beyond the MRP) and the Business Business Owner can introduce new people to start their respective businesses.

13.To become the Business Owner of Flaker, it is mandatory to register online. Online registration will be done with the help of Your Upline ABO. User ID and Password that will be sent on the registered mobile number/Email-id of the Business Owner from the company once you register online. Only one registration is possible via one registered mobile number/Aadhar Number/Email-ID. Then You Login With Your User-ID then You Accept Term&Conditios. If You Accept Companies Term& conditions Then You are a Registerd ABO. Business Owners cannot sponsor anyone and/or purchase anything from the company till the time KYC documents are not uploaded.

14.An Business Owner will have to upload passport size photograph and self-attested KYC Documents (ID Proof and Residence Proof such as self-attested Copy of Driving License, Passport, Aadhar Card, Voter Card, PAN Card, and Copy of Bank Pass Book or a cancelled cheque) in his/her profile on the company's website after the joining date to ensure release of payouts seamlessly. Until and unless the Flaker Business Owners do not upload KYC Documents, no sales incentive will be released.

15.To keep the ID active, every Flaker Business Owner has to makes some sales from time to time. If any Flaker Business Owner does not make any sales for six months (closing date of sixth month) since his/her last sales or the date of joining, his/her Business Owner ID will be deleted and the team will be rolled up to his/her Sponsor/Upline and he/she will get no further income/ incentive/ commission from Flaker .

16.Product Return Policy: In case the Flaker Business Owner feels that the products are not of good quality or if there is any manufacturing or packaging defect then the Business Owner can exchange/return the products. The Business Owner must contact the concerned Outlet/Distributor /Company from whom he has purchased the products within 30 days from the date of purchase. He has to provide a valid reason and return the products along with the original invoice or receipt. In such cases, it is the distributor's responsibility to check the expiry date and packaging of the products before processing the refund/exchange.

17. Flaker has all the rights to reject the plea to refund the amount of products returned, if the Business Owner is repeatedly returning the products.

18. All flaker Product are show on Website as well as Product Catalogue may be difference packing. It will be depend on availability of Product packing & Packing Material .

19. Flaker at its discretion can change its rules, regulations, policies and procedures as amended by Flaker from time to time.

20. Flaker may in its absolute discretion immediately suspend and/or terminate the Business Association by notice in writing to the Flaker Business Owner in the event that Flaker has reasonable grounds to believe that the Business Owner has breached any provision of this agreement, its rules, regulations, policies or procedures as amended from time to time.

21. Flaker shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages caused by its breach, cancellation or suspension of this agreement, whether or not the possibility for such damages is known to Flaker .

22.All disputes or differences arising out of or in relation to this agreement shall be referred to an Arbitrator appointed by the director of Flaker whose decision shall be binding on the parties according to the provisions of "The Arbitration Act”.

23.Jurisdiction in respect of any/all disputes arising out of or in relation to this Business Business Owner agreement shall vest exclusively in the Courts at Katihar only.